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“It was an idea that had never occurred to me, but that conversation ultimately inspired me to go back to school at Georgia State and become an interior designer,” she said.

Many exciting projects also won awards in the Interior Design sector. They include the gold medal-winning vacation home Morelli. Holzrausch Planung comprehensively restored a house built in a traditional Tuscan style, creating a magnificent color play of cotto tiles, colored render, and bog oak fittings. Flowing into the Boundless Realm: Poem of Rain, a Shang Yih Interior Design project, is no less exciting and equally ambitious. In an old Taiwanese house a unique bridge of light and air and a scenery of rain were created using a wide range of glass elements.

YouTube The wagon wheel candle chandelier is truly the star of this makeover. Aside from that, the new furniture, classic décor, and simple mantle styling refine this room from its previous state.

YouTube While uncomplicated, this transformation is still a charming one. The innovador flooring was kept while the trim was painted white to blend in with the walls, and an area rug was added to warm up the sitting area. The furniture and décor were kept simple yet appealing.

Double islands: Use one for food prep, use the second for casual dining. They add welcome countertops and storage space while providing convenience and appeal.

YouTube Despite the pops of color, this living room is as plain as possible. None of the furniture nor décor match, and the lack of lighting makes the space look dingy.

Dark Palettes: The reign of the all-white kitchen hasn't come to an end, but more and more designers are shifting the focus to darker tones from pure black to chocolate brown to dark forest greens and midnight blues for a moodier feel.

Cientos de productos standard disponibles para giro exprés y para los que no pueden esperar a disfrutar.

YouTube Although most of the wall space is bare precios reformas zaragoza and there isn't an excess of furniture, the space still feels jumbled. Figura a result, there's no strong sense of compania de reformas en zaragoza style, and much of the potential is wasted.

This is a fresh white duvet with a delicate flower pattern in cotton satin. It is a pretty fabric with a sea green backing. precios reformas zaragoza Very soft good quality. My only problem is making sure precios reformas zaragoza a blanket is over it to protect it from our dog! Good value for high quality.

YouTube The warm frío tones, soft textures, and plants are inviting at the end of a long day. The old, derecho blinds were replaced with modern pull-down shades and curtains, while the empty wall became a small art gallery.

A rammed-earth townhouse, a renovated modernist kit home and a concrete house in Switzerland feature in Dezeen's houses of the month for May. More

Sola Kitchens did just that in this organic modern kitchen by adding skylights, a wall of glass and metal grid windows, and a planted indoor olive tree that adds a bit of theater and biophilic design.

“We like to use walnut, hickory, or oak, depending on what species we’ve used in other elements of the kitchen. Clean up is easy with soap and water and, in this case, it is positioned right above the diseño y reformas zaragoza trash and recycling pull trasnochado.”

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